Düsseldorf: North Rhine-Westphalian Capital City

Again I took direct CNL from Berlin Germuatand to Düsseldorf Hbf.  This time the train was late by 10 minutes due to some work going on the tracks. I reached Düsseldorf by around 6.30 am but I was out of power on all my electronic devices and needed to charge them.  I went to the hotel which was booked for night.  I used their luggage storage and charged my mobile in lobby as checking time was 3pm. I got a city map and public transportation details from the hotel.

 I went to the MedienHafen (Media Harbour) which is beautiful with a rare combination of sky scrappers as well as natural beauty. This once-dead old harbor area has been reborn as the Medienhafen, an increasingly hip quarter filled with architecture, restaurants, bars, hotels and clubs. Once-crumbling warehouses have turned into high-tech office buildings and now rub shoulders with bold new structures. Düsseldorf’s Media Harbour is a genuine architectural tourism location that has very best examples of modern-day architecture. Rheinturm (Rhine Tower) is a 240.5 meter high concrete telecommunications tower.  It stands 174.5 meters high and houses a revolving restaurant and an observation deck at a height of 170 meters, gives the beautiful panoramic view of the city which is otherwise unimaginable.  From there I went to see the Stadttor (city gate) and returned to the Westphalian Parliament building.

From there I walked across the park enjoying the beauty of Rhine River.  Rhine River divides Düsseldorf, with its Old Town on the east bank and modern commercial areas to the west. The river banks were filled with temporary restaurants and pubs erected on setup anticipating the crowd which flows during Oktoberfest. Walking along the banks of the river I reached into Altstadt (old city). In the old town I saw the Basilica St. Lambertus and walked through the streets filled with many restaurants.  I had an awesome beef roll from one of the shops.  The rest of afternoon I spend by roaming within the Hofgarten.  Because of its diversity and the pleasing contrast between nature and formal design, it is a popular destination for relaxing walks. The Hofgarten is adorned by numerous historic monuments and modern sculptures. As “artistic objects” they complement the diverse landscapes of the park and add an attractive touch. Around 4pm I returned to the hotel with the hope of visiting city again in night and having some delicious food.  But the toll of continuous travel for three days  has made me fell asleep and I woke up around 7.30 am next day after 13 hours of sleep.


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